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I started the new blog, plan on adding more to it tomorrow, but everyone is asleep but me right now, and it’s almost 11:30 pm and I’ve been up since 4:00 am, so I’m gonna head to bed!

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Going back to blogger

As much as I like wordpress, there isn’t as much creative freedom with it, and so I’m going to be making Eva her own blog on blogger. I’ll let you all know when I get it up and I’ll move all of the posts from this one over. Just thought I’d let you know!

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Day 2 and Night 2 and Day 3

Wow! I’m way behind! Sorry for being so behind, I finally have a moment to sit and *think* while Eva is sleeping on tie-down

Eva on dog bed 12/29/08

Eva on dog bed 12/29/08

and Rizzo is pulling *EVERY* toy out of the toy basket and putting it under my feet.

Eva and Rizzo

Eva and Rizzo

Don’t expect as detailed posts as Ally is posting about Eclipse, I don’t remember that much detail. Maybe I should just copy and paste and change all the “Coreena”s to “Ally”s! *wink* Just kidding. Anyway, here’s my catch up post, I promise to put forth an honest effort of updating better on nights and days, I just went to bed really early last night and woke up later.

Side Note: I will try and post different pictures then Ally so you all can see as many cute pictures as possible!

Day 2:

We woke up with the pups at 4:30 am and of course pottied them and then came back upstairs and tried to feed them breakfast,

Eva and her breakfast 12/28/08

Eva and her breakfast 12/28/08

 it didn’t work too well, but we got some good cuddle times in and some good pictures.

Eva and Eclipse Getting Every Last Drop

Eva and Eclipse Getting Every Last Drop

 We then played a bit in the living room with them and Eva showed how much she reminds us of Nala, “pinned ya!”

Eva "That's my bone"

Eva "That's my bone"

We got all of Ally and her “kids” stuff ready (my house felt soooo small! *wink*) and finally got Max out of bed and showered and herded all 4 dogs downstairs after putting Rizzo in her crate, and loaded all the crates, bags and people and dogs into the car to head down to Ally’s at about 10:30. We got there a little after 11 am and introduced the pups to our parents and Alex and headed out the den/poolroom/Ally’s livingroom. I don’t really remember what happened after we got there, I ate some nasty canned peaches *don’t buy peaches sweetened with Splenda instead of surgar…. not so good* and the puppies spent some time in the crate together while we got ready for meeting (church) and Crystal, Emily and Aiden showed up.

Eva~What large ears you have!

Eva~What large ears you have!

 Then it was out for another potty break and upstairs in seperate crates in the heated room for meeting. We were gone for 2.5-3 hours and the pups had to go when we got back! Eva immediately left a huge puddle in the driveway once given the “Hurry” command and then we tried to get them to eat lunch… still a no-go. After that they played a bit in the kitchen/diningroom as Mom took some video and they also spent some time playing outside in the backyard (of course Ally and I were right there). After dinner Max and I loaded up Eva in the car and headed home. I was exhausted and fell asleep on the way home. At 7:30 pm I put Eva in her crate in the living room and watch an episode of NCIS.

Night 2:

I fell asleep at about 8:10 after NCIS was done (it was recorded) and Max woke me at 10 pm saying it was time to take the dogs out and go to bed. So we took down the girls and put them in their crates in the room. Eva woke up at 3:30 howled a couple times then went back to sleep. We woke up at 4:30 am, took Eva out, got her food ready, tried to feed her breakfast, took a few bites then off to Ally’s.

Eclipse sleeping 12/28/08

Eclipse sleeping 12/28/08


Day 3:

We got to Ally’s about 5:35 am to drop off Eva. Max and I took her and her crate upstairs and then headed to work. We got off at 3 pm, I took Max to the park to meet my step-dad to play disc golf and I headed down to Ally’s. The plan was to drop Eva off at Ally’s on Monday morning, visit her on Monday evening and Tuesday and take her home Tuesday night then drop her off Friday morning again. But Ally was exhausted today so Max offered to take Eva home tonight then drop her off again in the morning. Anyway, after we got off work, Ally and I took the pups on a walk where the barking dogs really startled them so we have some things to work on. Then it was play time and cuddle time and dinner time when yet again, they ate very little. I guess they did eat lunch though, so one out of 6 meals is better then 0 out of 6 meals! *grins* Max and I headed home with Eva at about 5:30 pm and Eva went to sleep on my lap. We got home, pottied her and let her and Rizzo meet for real for the first time without the other dogs here and she got to meet Elijah as well. Smart girl is submissive to Elijah, since he is the alpha of all animal species here *wink*. Then I put her on “tie-down” next to me and she’s been sleeping on her bed for a good 1.5 hours. We just went for a potty break where she hurried immediatly on command. I’m gonna spend some time with Rizzo and then get some sleep before getting up at probably 10:30 to take her out one last time.

Eva sleeping 12/29/08

Eva sleeping 12/29/08Eva~ Sleeping Puppy 12/29/08


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First Night

Eclipse sleeping 12/27/08

Eclipse sleeping 12/27/08

Wow, what can I say? We got home about 8:30 pm with the puppies. Worked on “Hurry” and “Sit” and name recognition and got to know them a little and let them meet the pet dogs. Ally and I decided to sleep in the living room with the puppies in their crates, so we took them our one last time around 11 pm then it was in the crates, a good 5-10 minutes of crying between the two of them (I have faith that tonight will go better when they aren’t encouraging each other) then finally to sleep for a couple of hours. I think then that Eclipse woke up around 2:20 am and Ally took him and and then I took Eva out since Eclipse woke her up. Then another 5-10 minutes of crying and then back to sleep until 4:30 when we woke up and took them out and tried to feed them breakfast. The last 4-ish hours have been spent playing, sleeping (puppies) and trying to get them to eat, and of course TONS of potty breaks! Ally is now napping with Eclipse and Eva is in her crate napping, I think I might just go join the rest of the household and go take a nap!


Hugging on the ride home

Hugging on the ride home

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Pick-up Story

So Max and I got off work at 1, went and exchanged a pair of his pants and met Ally and Alex in town. Ally and I loaded up her stuff and dogs in my car and we came home while the boys went and shopped for discs for disc golf. Ally and I cleaned and took care of the dogs until the boys got back then we just wasted time until about 3:15 when we took the dogs on a walk. We got back about 3:40 and changed into dry clothes and took the coats and leashes off the dogs and dried off Rizzo to ensure she didn’t get sick. Max checked his phone at 3:50 and have a voicemail from Joy asking for our address again and saying she was running a little late. So Max called her back and got her husband and gave him our address again and her husband said that they were running late and just picking up the puppies so they would be about 2.5 more hours. A little while later Joy called and asked if we could meet them in Eugene. It was about 4:20 at that point. We gathered some supplies, mainly blankets and toys and leashes and headed up to Eugene where we went to PetSmart and got some puppy collars and poop bags and then headed to the mall where we were meeting Joy.  She got there right around 6:30 and as she was opening the back of her SUV said “I planned on picking up two, but….. (This is what we saw when she opened the back of her SUV:)

2008 "E" Litter 12/27/08

2008 "E" Litter 12/27/08

…ended up getting 4 instead” and that she’s thinking we get a male and a female.
We then went inside with Joy and Fiona
Fiona 12/27/08

Fiona 12/27/08

and went over paperwork and what commands we are working on right now and how things are done with JLAD. She asked us which names we had chosen and Ally and I had already decided that she would get the male and I would get the female. I said we were thinking of “Elicity and Eva” and Ally was thinking of “Eclipse and Eurik (sp?)”. She said she liked all those names and would be ok with any of them. So Max and I decided on Eva for our little girl. We then went back outside and got handed our little puppies! It was so exciting!!! The hour long car ride home went by so quickly, specially with the potty break we took for Eva! It’s so nice to have puppies in the house again, even if Kira does wake them up when they are sleeping peacefully and they start barking in the crates….. *sigh* Anyway, here’s some more pictures!

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15 pm

Eva and I at pick-up 12/27/08 7:15 pm

Eva, she is 9 weeks old! She’s a little tiny puppy with a set of lungs on her! She’s screaming in the crate as we speak! Oh the joys of puppyhood. *grin* The whole 19 month wait has totally been worth it! Pictures to follow! Check out Ally’s blog for an update from her! I’ll do a better update on the story of pick-up and more pictures after Eva settles down a little bit and goes to sleep!
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Name Game

Max and I will be suggesting names for our puppy to Joy and then we’ll decide with her what is best. So this will be our suggestions:








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Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Ally and I will be getting our “E” puppy siblings that we’ve been dreaming about since October! I’m so excited! Sorry for the short post last night, I was exhausted and still am, but that’s beside the point. WE’RE GETTING PUPPIES!!!!

Max and I have to work at 6 am (better then 5 am like this morning!) and when we find out what time Joy expects to be here we have permission for an early release! I was really nervous, just found out today that we were scheduled to work from 6 am to 5 pm and I was really scared that we wouldn’t be there to meet Joy and learn how she does things this early…… *sigh* and that I would lose my “E” puppy after all! Yes, I am a negative person, specially with the past year of puppy raising, I try to keep myself from getting too excited (It’s not really working now though! I’m EXCITED)!! Anyway, it will all work out alright and it will all be good. In 24 hours we should have our little fluffy “E” puppies! I can’t wait!

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Saturday is D-Day!!!!

Saturday I will be recieving my THIRD puppy-in-training and Ally will be recieving her FIRST! We are sooo excited! I can’t wait to meet my new little baby! Still no word on what we are getting, but we will know soon enough! Joy is going to deliver the puppies too us, so expect posts as soon as they get here!

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Here Puppy, Puppy, Puppy!

I can’t wait! Only a couple more days (?) maybe TOMORROW that we get to go get our precious bundles of fluff! Check out Ally’s blog for the news! I can’t wait! Max and I spent our day off of work getting the house ready for a PIT again, this is so exciting! I’ll post pictures of the house tomorrow after work and hopefully after we pick up another puppy gate and dog bed! Ally has a small puppy crate and the puppy crate is set up in our room, tie-downs are placed and PIT bowls are clean and awaiting the new puppy to fee! I can’t wait you guys! I don’t even know what to do with myself! Tomorrow is going to be torture at work!!! Good thing we work REALLY early, that way I’ll be focused on not falling asleep vs. puppy breath! (Not really early for me, I woke up and got up at 4 am this morning…… we only have to work an hour earlier then normal, so not a big deal…)


I’ll let you all know as soon as I know when and what we are picking up!

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