With Isaiah passing away a couple months ago and Ally taking James, the house has felt very empty. Zucco will be leaving this weekend or next Thursday to go to his new home. And I’m decided that I’m going to hold off on raising, I want to do it right, hopefully it won’t be too much longer, but we’ll see. I want to get this house the way I want it and me healthy again before adding another stressor to my life and get out of debt. Puppy raising is a very expensive hobby, so I’m going to work on some other things for now and go to meetings and puppy sit, but for now, I need to get me stable. Anyway, our neighbor/co-workers mom’s cat had a litter of kittens that she was trying to find homes for. So today after work we went by and picked up not one, but TWO females. Actually, the only two females in the litter. We named them Midna and Saria. Any Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess fans out there? Anyway, the black one is Midna and the white and gray tabby is Saria.
5 weeks old Midna

5 weeks old Midna

Midna 5 weeks old
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  1. I had a perfect little black and white baby you could have had!! i am still trying to find him a home. I call him Mr Banks.

  2. Awww, I LOVE kittens!!! enjoy!

  3. How cute. I would love to have a playmate for Watkins. Yes we have a cat and a dog but they are old and don’t wanna play.

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