Losing IT!

I was walking into the kitchen today talking to Max and looked down the hallway expecting to see Loden. When I didn’t see him laying there I looked in the bedrooms and bathroom.  Mind you, we have moved three times since Loden was here and I’ve never had a lab in this house. I called Elijah, yes, the CAT, Loden earlier too! This is torture you guys! I may not find out for MONTHS if I even have to make the decision of Loden coming home or not and I’m already seeing him here and grabbing his leash to take him outside…. this is going to be a long wait! 😦

I guess I should give you all a little more details about his career change, although I don’t know much, I don’t even know the official date, but I should find that out soon. Anyway, Loden was in phase 10 of training, as you all know, since July 3, 2008. He was in phase 10 for two months, waiting for a match before I got the email yesterday, it had “Loden” as the subject, I expected news of him graduating on September 20, 2008. I opened the email at work and instantly bawled my eyes out. Loden was career changed for allergies and already placed in a temporary home for evaluation for the k-9 buddies program, where they place career changed dogs with families who have visually impaired children so the children can learn the responsibility of a dog and make an educated decision later in life as too whether a guide dog is a good idea or not for them. Anyway, they believe the allergies are related to the kennel enviroment, so who knows how long they will be evaluating him or when we will hear more news. If Loden is not chosen for K-9 Buddies he will be coming home! What that means is that I will not be raising for now. I will help Ally raise and hopefully puppy sit, but probably won’t raise until we move into a house or buy a house. I’ll update you all when I know more, thank you all for your support, both public and private!

Blitz, I hope you are feeling ok and never have to experience that again! Sending prayers and doxie wiggles your way from Rizzo!

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  1. I am sorry! That must be hard having to wait! I am sure he is doing great through! Hang in there….remember this was what he was bred and raised to do! 🙂

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