I guess it’s time to give you all an update. The family is well, Ally and Alex have some things going on right now so some major changes may be unfolding over the next couple of months, good thing we decided to hold off on raising. Max and I are doing well, our schedule at work has been changed to Monday through Friday 6-3, which is way better for us, although I’m about dead by 8 pm! Rizzo is doing wonderfully, will take herself outside to potty and back upstairs and is progressing in her general obedience very well. I hope to be able to have her sit at the bottom of the stairs in a “wait” and be able to go to the top of the stairs before releasing her and giving her the “go up” command. She knows “go up”, just isn’t the strongest on her wait. She is a very social dog for a doxie and has grown to have many friends, including our family and neighbors and the corresponding pups.

No news on Loden as of yet. I’m doing better with the waiting, and will be happy with whatever outcome there is. If Loden doesn’t come home, we will be raising, after we reach some financial goals. Should reach those either way by the coming May/June. Not too awfully far off. If Loden does come home, we will decide when the time is right to raise again based on circumstances at the time. Most likely if Loden does come home we’ll raise sometime in 2010. We shall see though.

As soon as more is known on the coming changes I will let you all know. We may be raising sooner or circumstances may change to where we will not be able to raise for CCI (They have a three dog limit besides the puppy in training in a home) and will have to raise for another school. Right now it is very hard to plan a whole lot, which I do not like, but all we can do is wait and see what happens. We will know within two weeks wether further actions are needed or if our living conditions will stay the same.

Sorry for being so vague with you all, it’s not my place to share. I will let you know that our family is pulling together though and supporting each other as we should. I love my family more then anything and I love my sister and brother-in-law and we WILL take care of them, no matter what! Don’t worry, no one is sick or in danger, just life circumstances change as time goes on!

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