The Joy of Living!

What a PERFECT name! Let me just tell you all right now, I’m in LOVE! I recieved an email back from the founder of JLAD a mere 8 hours after sending a contact form, on a SATURDAY! You can read the email here. Basically, we would know the puppy from birth and the timing is perfect, in a previous post I stated that we would most likely be able to raise around May/June, well their next litter is due to go to puppy raisers in May! We would teach them lights and to retrieve and opening doors. There are two classes a month, about 2 hours north of here that we would attend and for the first 8 weeks of the puppies life we would be involved, by puppy petting. Then there are meetings every week the first 8 weeks the puppy is in our home and I’m so excited! Just waiting on Loden news right now. I’m going to talk to our Landlord, or have Max do it, and see if he would allow two labs here or if we are going to have to choose between Loden and raising. I would probably choose raising at this point, but I guess we’ll know when we know what our landlord says, if he says no to any labs, then we would be moving next June. I cannot even tell you all how in love with this school I am! Hopefully we will have an oppurtunity to meet the founder this month maybe and meet some of the dogs since we’ll be up that way and see how well we would fit in. I’m craving puppy breath!

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  1. Oh! I am so happy for you! It sounds like a neat school and that you have a plan for whatever happens! Keep us updated!

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