Progressive Thinking?

So with Ally’s recent events and her situation at the moment, and a horrible “raise” I got yesterday at work, we hopefully will be moving over to Coos Bay before April! They house Ally and Alex will be living in is two apartments with a backyard and two kennel runs. There is someone living in the downstairs one currently, but we hope by April he’ll be moved out and we will get to move in! Max and I would get jobs at a call center over there (They hire at more then we make now after being there for a year) and I would help Ally caregive and the office stuff at the business. Rent is way cheaper there and we’d be bringing in a lot more money, meaning, we would get out of debt uber fast and get our credit on the right track as well as get a good savings started up. On top of all of that, Loden would get to come home! Oh, and on top of that, Friday, the 17th, we are meeting with Joy, the founder of The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs! She encourages us to bring a list of questions! I’m so excited! Now just to see about puppy sitting and attending classes! I need a leash in my hand again! I’m going to add all of the supplies Max and I are going to get for our little (hopefully) golden boy/girl to the ADIT #3 page. I’m so excited!

I wish I had more good news, but this will suffice for now! Ciao y’all! Loves and hugs to you!

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  1. Oh! it really sounds like everything is coming together for ya! Its neat that you’ll be able to meet with someone to see what the school is all about. Keep us posted! It has been awhile since you’ve had a leash in hand, but the wait isn’t too much longer!!!

  2. I agree it will be good for you guys to move on to bigger and better things! The house for the both of you sounds cool!

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