Ally and Alex are in town since everyone has work off and the parentals went to the coast to see if there were any whales in the area. So Ally and the guys and me went to a park with Teddy and Kira. The guys played (are playing) disc golf and Ally and I played with the dogs, looked a good picture spots and good exposure activity for the puppies. It’s so weird to think about, without a close club, we will have to come up with good exposure places, age appropriate locations and outings. Not saying we won’t have outings/exposure/socialization with JLAD and the school, but not as accessiable for us or as fitting into our lifes, non only puppy outings. The park we went to has a grated bridge at the entrance that has a concrete walkway in the middle, perfect place to get a pup used to walking and being comfortable on grates. There are good picture stations (not the best) but good places to practice “up” and other commands. It’s so crazy, in only a matter of months our puppies will be born and we will know their personalities and have PUPPY BREATHE! So exciting! As much as it kills me that it is still over 5 months before our puppies come home, it’s only right around 3 months before our puppies are born. It’s so much easier thinking about them being born and our journey with them starting there, instead of when they are 8 weeks old. The next 3 months will FLY by, spesially compared to the last 18 months we’ve been without puppies!

As fast as 2008 as flown by, 3 months will for sure be a cake walk from here *wink*

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  1. Sounds like a plan!

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