True Love

I waited for a year to receive another puppy after moving out of my parents house. As soon as we moved into an approved apartment my application was in. It shocked me how quickly it was approved and they had a puppy for me, before my application was even in our CFRs hands, I was assigned MYL “L”. Loden arrived bright and early on Feb. 22, 2007 on a yucky Oregon rainy day! He arrived with truck mate, FYL “P”, started by our leader. Her name is Paulina. Loden and Paulina were best friends from the start, much like my leader and I are. Paulina and Loden touched every one who ever saw them. Loden was a HUGE puppy when he arrived, but he was 11.5 weeks old. Loden was parented by Lorinda and Astro. He was an amazing puppy, was perfect with obedience even though we were on special protocols and restrictions the entire time he was here. Loden had some mysterious health issues, I struggled with my own personal feelings as too if I could take the stress and heartache having a sick puppy brought, but decided and informed my leaders that I was not giving up on Loden, I loved him too much. Even though I made that decision and my leaders agreed, Loden was transferred on May 30, 2007, just three months after he arrived, to be closer to GDBs vets. It broke my heart when he left but I saw him on August 11, 2008. He was so excited to see me he knocked me over! That’s the last time I’ve seen Loden. Loden was career changed for allergies in September of 2008. He is currently being evaluated for an alternate career, but I hope he’s coming home! Paulina is now a breeder, along with Loden’s brother and sister, Lyric and Levett.









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  1. Cuuuuuute. Loden was a huge baby!

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